The Collection’s Brown-Produced Lead Single “Land of the Sun” Was Included on Groove Jazz Music’s Top 100 of 2017 and Spent Four Consecutive Weeks at #1 on Radio Wave’s Smooth Jazz Top 40

Eager to learn more about production, embrace fresh sonic ideas and up his creative game, emerging saxophonist Gary Palmer reached out to a handful of the contemporary urban jazz’s top artists and producers to develop his dynamic, multi-faceted new album Coast 2 Coast.

Released January 19, the 13-track collection follows the many accolades and extensive internet and terrestrial airplay the NYC bred, South Florida based artist received for the singles “Island Breeze” and “Step in the Name of Jazz” from his self-produced debut Love Me Again.

The clever album title reflects the bicoastal nature that the project took on as Palmer gained wisdom and insight into the writing and recording process while working on tracks in Los Angeles with two time Grammy winner and renowned genre hit maker Paul Brown, chart-topping guitarist/producer Nils and guitarist/producer Kay-ta, who plays with Greg Adams’ East Bay Soul; in Philadelphia with guitarist and emerging smooth jazz artist David P. Stevens; and contemporary jazz writer/keyboardist and artist Tim Watson in North Carolina.

The album’s lead single, “Land of the Sun,” a lush, old school horn infused soul/jazz gem that showcases the romantic side of Palmer’s evolving artistry, has been a huge hit, landing at #65 on Groove Jazz Music’s Top 100 of 2017 and spending four consecutive weeks at #1 on Radio Wave’s Smooth Jazz Top 40. Co-written by Paul Brown, Daniel Chia and keyboardist/artist Bob Baldwin (who is featured on the track), it is one of three tracks produced by Brown. The others are a sensual re-imagining of the Stanley Clarkes classic “Lisa” and the soulful, seductive title track ballad “Coast to Coast.”

Kay-ta helmed the whimsical power ballad “Misunderstanding,” which is Coast 2 Coast’s new single.

“This time around,” says Palmer, I made a conscious effort to do something very different and take my artistry to the next level by concentrating on my sax playing and performing and giving the songwriting and production reins to some of my favorite artists and producers. Working with these masters and looking to them as mentors, helped me gain a better understanding about the elements that need to go into a track to make it connect with listeners. Coast 2 Coast is all about giving people different flavors of who I am as an artist while still making them feel good.” -Jonathan Widran.

Reverbnation Crowd Review May 5, 2015
Stay With Me

Wow, what an outstanding cut. The music was outstanding and the sax was totally awesome. There is nothing like listening to a great piece of jazz being played and this was it. The flow and tempo worked well together as he went back and forth between his sounds and made it work. The music kept you listening and interested to see what he was going to play next. There was no singing because this was strictly an instrumental piece but at the end of the day it sounded wonderful and was an awesome cut.”

“GARY PALMER Love Me Again Lauderdale Beach Recordings Don’t let Gary Palmer’s elegant suit and tie on the cover of his album LOVE ME AGAIN tell the whole story… he’s all about steppin’ out and having some sweet, soulful Urban Jazz fun. Alternating between soprano and alto, the versatile NYC born and raised, South Florida-based musician and songwriter stirs up the sultry romance on the breezy, easy groovin” “Love Me Again” and “Stay With Me,” a balmy vibe is the perfect backdrop to his rich tenor-driven emotion. Another romantic highlight is the sultry, Earth, Wind & Fire-influenced “Yes I.” In the mood? Listen to LOVE ME AGAIN again and again! ~JONATHAN WIDRAN” Smooth Jazz Global

Love Me Again, the new project by Florida based saxophonist Gary Palmer, presents listeners with a nice blend of instrumental and vocal R&B, with a dash of jazzy creativity thrown into the mix. The 10 track album showcases Palmer as a creative improviser on the sax who plays with energy. He is clearly the star of the show, but he avoids the pitfall of overplaying and dominating the proceedings. – There are two reasons for this: First, the tunes on this 10 track project are short in duration, with eight of the 10 being less than four minutes, with about half of them featuring vocals.


Gary Palmer – Love Me Again
Sept. 13, 2015

Saxophonist Gary Palmer, who also serves as a colonel in Broward County, FL’s Department of Detention, demonstrates here that he does in Gary Palmer fact have a style in his musical delivery that can arrest one’s attention. Cool and buoyant in spots while being enticingly smooth with sassy and sultry grooves in others, his new release Love Me Again is full of the kind of musical calling power c-jazzers love. This saxman belts out crystal clear jazz notes and runs in a real attempt to reach that place deep within you.

From his lead track, the reggae-laced “Island Breeze,” through the catchy upbeat title track featuring the convincing vocals of one Julia Foster through his impassioned request for the target of his affection to “Give Me Your Heart” through the up-tempo “Step in the Name of Jazz” (another very contagious track) and beyond, Palmer knows which buttons to push to be effective with you, your heart, and your dancing shoes.

With impressive sax work and a band of strong musicians, Palmer has a bountiful recipe for success with this release. He is that musician on whom you just may want to keep your eyes and ears tuned.

If one is going to “moonlight” as a musician while holding down another responsible day job, you would hope that he’s good at it. Colonel Palmer has answered that question

Gary Palmer review by Scott Yanow
Gary Palmer
Love Me Again

Love Me Again may be Gary Palmer’s recording debut but he is a veteran saxophonist with a sound of his own on each of his instruments. Palmer played the saxophone as a youth before spending years as a policeman in Florida. In recent years he has concentrated much more on his music and his mature yet youthful and enthusiastic playing is a joy to hear.

On Love Me Again, Palmer, like one of his inspirations Grover Washington Jr, displays appealing styles on alto, soprano and tenor. He performs ten originals with his group The GP Project which includes Kevin Foster and Eric Overhultz on keyboards, guitarist Sherman Hunter, bassist David Palmer, drummer Kevin McCullough and occasional singers. The band sets a variety of catchy grooves for Palmer’s saxophones and displays a strong group sound.

While the music is always danceable, the ten songs have plenty of variety in tempos, rhythms and moods. Gary Palmer, like Grover Washington, knows how to ride over grooves and stretch himself within the context of the music while adding soulful ideas to the melodies. While each song leads logically to the next one, particularly noteworthy are the catchy and rhythmic playing on “Island Breeze” (which features some strong soprano playing), Palmer’s speechlike alto over the assertive bass line on “Give Me Your Heart,” the singalong vocal and soprano playing on “Step In The Name Of Jazz,” the soprano-keyboards tradeoff on the relaxed “Once Upon A Time” and the way that Palmer uses repetition creatively on “Quiet Nights.” Fans of urban and funky jazz will enjoy discovering Gary Palmer. –Scott Yanow, author of 11 books including The Great Jazz